Assessment tool with Fronter

Usually I work with another LMS, itslearning. I've been using Fronter earlier and it was fun to see
that they have made some improvements. For examples got some new types of question

Here are some primary thoughts and some comparing from my stand of view.
+ You can sort questions into pages (cannot be done in itslearning)
+ You can choose that different answers in one question will provide different points instead of the
same to all (cannot be done in itslearning)
+ you can change the score after a test is done (cannot be done in itslearning)
+ safe to use
- you have to give grades and not automatically
- missing some types of questions

All together Fronter has a good test tool, using it right it will give a good picture of the student's
Finally - thanks to Fronter and their product development director, Georg Ranhoff, that gave me
access to the newest platform Y12 instead of the one we had at school.

See the whole rapport here -



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