lørdag 30. april 2016

Digital inking

Digital inking is a method for teachers and students that can preserve the best from the old and the new era. With classic handwriting and digital schoolwork new technology can make a ordinal day for teachers and students even more efficient, transparent and motivating.
The digital pen is here and it won’t disappear, says Magnus Johansson. He works as an educational supervisor in ICT in Asker municipality and he is responsible for courses and network aimed at schools and kindergartens in the municipality.

Foto: Håkon Holo Dagestad
Johansson has long experience with technological solutions in learning situations, and now he follows a project that takes place at some schools in Asker. All pupils in 8 grade at one school have got a Surface Pro 3 with a Surface Pen. There are also two elementary schools in the municipality that have equipped their students with the same solutions. Students find it both interesting and motivating, and teachers feel that it enhances their daily professional lives.

Benefits of adopting these technologies are many. From being able to correct and comment pupils’ schoolwork online to create screenrecordings of a presentation where I personalize through drawing and highlighting by the fabric pen. At the same time. I can give access to lecture for students ahead a lecture or afterwards. In addition, you can be among the pupils in class without being locked to the whiteboard,  because you have the whiteboard in your hand all the time, Johansson explains.

Students quickly learns the many possibilities offered by new technologies as OneNote and Surface, with pen. The content which are distributed and organized in a Onenote classbook,  appear easier than ever, and everything is in one place.

- The creation of a digital classbook by OneNote for placement of class schoolwork is very effective for both teachers and students. For teachers to inform and collect directly on the screen without having to collect and distribute the traditional books. Pupils consecutively puts new stuff in their digital books in their own folders, and can quickly be told (formative assessment) what they can improve. Everything is updated immediately, says Johansson.

Johansson also notes that the rectification and presentations preserves the personal touch from the teacher due to the natural use of handwriting in the works, and this has a lot to say for the students sense of connection to the teacher and the motivation for the subject. The time teachers spend at the copier and the cost of school  is also noticeably reduced by the use of Microsoft's new technology.

Digital study techniques
A digital pen is pressure sensitive and precise prints on the screen. When you put your hand on the high-resolution screen, it detects this and is stable, and the font is exactly as if one were writing on paper. This allows for natural texting, instead of having to touch the screen only with the pen from distance.
Foto Håkon Holo Dagestad
- Surface with the pen is like the good old notebook, but with so many more possibilities. In mathclass this becomes particularly visible. Then students draw fractions and equations as we would have done it on paper, without struggling by keyboard to find the same symbols, says Johansson.
Old powerpoint-presentations can easily be revived through the Office Mix and OneNote. Johansson has used the structure of old presentations and made short videos of them with voice and markings through the pen. From a students perspective with this digital study technique it is possible to see the short lecture videos as many times as you like and when you wats. You can stop the video at a topic you need help, do notes and save them for later use or just reflects.

- Here you unite, in my view the best of the old and the new time, and the possibilities are many, if you only get to know the powerful capabilities that your solutions offer, says Johansson.

Digital inking in combination with flipped classroom can make huge impact for students and teachers.
Read mote here about flipped classroom - http://dailyedventures.com/index.php/2015/04/27/magnus-johansson-thesis/. This article was written almost a year ago but it hasn´t got old.....

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