Viser innlegg fra april, 2016

Digital inking

Digital inking is a method for teachers and students that can preserve the best from the old and the new era. With classic handwriting and digital schoolwork new technology can make a ordinal day for teachers and students even more efficient, transparent and motivating.
The digital pen is here and it won’t disappear, says Magnus Johansson. He works as an educational supervisor in ICT in Asker municipality and he is responsible for courses and network aimed at schools and kindergartens in the municipality.
Johansson has long experience with technological solutions in learning situations, and now he follows a project that takes place at some schools in Asker. All pupils in 8 grade at one school have got a Surface Pro 3 with a Surface Pen. There are also two elementary schools in the municipality that have equipped their students with the same solutions. Students find it both interesting and motivating, and teachers feel that it enhances their daily professional lives.
Benefits of adopting…